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First Impressions Are Important


| Selling Your Home | November 06, 2018

First Impressions Are Important

Remember, we have 1 opportunity to make our First Impressions. When a prospect comes to look at your home, the first thing they see is your home's front door. Always be sure that your home is fresh, and clean both inside and outside. Below is a check list to help make it the best home on the market.

Your homes Curb Appeal

Paint the front door and mailbox.

Check your front door mat and consider a seasonal door decoration.

Shine brass hardware on front door and outside lighting fixtures.

Make sure the doorbell is working.

Mow, Trim & Weedeat.

Sweep walkways.

Remove mildew or moss from walls or walks with bleach and water or other cleaners.

Remove stains from your driveway with cleanser or kitty litter.

Clean and repair patio and deck area.

Remove any outdoor furniture not useable.

Repair broken windows and shutters, replace torn screens.

Touch up exterior paint, repair gutters and eaves. Replace any rotting wood.

General Interior Tips

Add a fresh coat of paint in light neutral colors.

Shampoo or replace carpeting as necessary.

Clean hardwood floors as needed.

Make sure appliances are clean inside & out.

Wash all windows, vacuum blinds, wash window sills.

Clean out and organize closets.

Unclutter all counter spaces.

Remove extra furniture, worn rugs, items you don't use.

Repair loose door knobs, cracked molding, leaking taps and toilets, squeaky doors.

Remove all rust & mildew in baths.

Make sure all tile, fixtures & doors sparkle.

Replace missing or loose caulking/grout.

Clean the fireplace.

Provide adequate overhead lighting.

Change furnace filters.

Organize & create floor space by adding shelves, hanging tools.

Tidy up by discarding or pre-packing.

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